Spending A Lot of Money Once In Awhile If You Enjoy It
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Spending A Lot of Money Once In Awhile If You Enjoy It

Today I went to visit my dad as I was helping him to setup his new phone that he got. I haven’t visited him in awhile and he insisted that we go out and have dinner together. I agreed and we went to a restaurant that seemed new around his area. The first thing the waitress recommended was this specials menu it seemed where two people could dine. However, it was so expensive. With tax it was about $150 for essentially not very big portions. But it di have things like abalone which is supposed to be expensive.

My dad still instead though and that it was okay as he hasn’t seen me in a long time and so as long as the meal was good it’s okay once in awhile. I still couldn’t help but to think of the price though. Plus it is odd where as a child I constantly heard my parents argue over having to save and make more money where now in a retirement age he seems more laxed about it.

I guess for myself I am still at that stage where I would like to save and invest as much as possible versus splurging for the day. It makes me wonder if I will eventually be like that too.

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