Having Someone Else Available As Well For Your Business

Having Someone Else Available As Well For Your Business

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The other day I was looking for some help with an item where it was recommended to me that I go to a specific studio for it. When I contacted them about time slots apparently the person I was recommended to was away. So I contacted the next person and apparently they couldn’t find a time slot that would match what I needed. As a result I actually just ended up doing everything myself which actually worked out.

It makes you think for your business though how many extra people should you have to accommodate a potential rush in new customers and business? I know of a barber shop as an example where previously they only had about two people working out of the place. It was okay for them as they got a steady stream of customers that essentially paid the bills. With the new owners though I notice they have like five people working at once at a time now where they have like a roster of 8 people or so. That made their business grow rapidly it seems.

It’s tricky as I know if you are running a business for yourself then as long as you pay the bills and make a comfortable living then why bother getting extra people right? Then again like that example you could potentially grow the business even more because you could be losing a lot like with my example. Sometimes that’s why too competing businesses actually become friends with each other so that they can recommend excess customers to others where many times it can work out. Always good to have some kind of extra help if needed though.

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