Some Really Strict ID Checking

Some Really Strict ID Checking

I was at a store recently and there was a person there that wanted to buy some cigarettes which is something that often requires ID verification for people who look very young. Apparently the clerk knew the customer already as she was a regular and so she didn’t need to confirm her age.

The clerk then went on a little rant about the new corporate policies for the company in regards to checking people’s ID’s and how the rule now is if the person looks like they are under 50 you have to ask for an ID check. Talk about really making sure that you don’t sell products to a minor I thought.

She had no problem talking about it out loud as she was a bit frustrated with it. It was kind of interesting to hear the clerk then talk about how she didn’t understand how it made sense even from a business point of view as it seems to take up so much more time. One of those better safe than sorry mentality I guess as I’m sure the fine would be pretty hefty for the business if even one underage person got through.

Even with that though, I find it hard to believe that say a 16 year could look like they are say even 35 years old for one to need to be that careful. 50 does seem like a pretty high age to question for an ID check.

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