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So Cheap You Do It Times

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A person was telling me today that she saw this crazy deal for a travel package where she could travel far east and the travel package literally was about $49 a day. That is quite a bargain even I must say. The funny thing was because of the deal itself she is scrambling last minute to try and make things work so that she can take advantage of this package. Example, getting time off work.

One I was thinking thought is how in the big picture scrambling last minute like this probably turned that $49 a day package into something like $200. Essentially, you have to factor in things like the money you won’t get paid for not working or possibly having to throw things away like certain food items that you bought with the intentions to finish before its expiry date.

For me, at times like that I am usually more happy if I simply spread the word about the deal to someone else who does have the time and wouldn’t have to sacrifice so much. That way, I still get the feeling that I took advantage of the deal still, so to speak.

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