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Sliding By With Amateur Work

Well today I saw something very interesting. There was a real estate agent that wanted to take pictures of a house as the potential buyer wanted to see pictures of the place. So, he told the owners that he would bring in a person to take the photographs to make it look nice. The interesting thing? He simply brought in his daughter and they used a simple digital camera to do the job. As well, you could hear the daughter whine constantly about having to take the photos.

I was just thinking how that is sure an unprofessional way to cut back on your expenses. Even if the pictures look like an acceptable photo, just the setup of simply using anyone who is not motivated to do the task can come across as very unprofessional. If you walked into a store where there was absolutely nothing wrong with the item but the clerk was extremely unmotivated to help you would you be inclined to do business with them again?

The only real time I would opt to do something using an amateur is if I was looking to complete something for personal use that is more of a hobby. Hence, what others think would be irrelevant. But if you are offering a service to others then just your image perception alone should make you think twice about wanting to cut corners too much like in this fashion just to save a few dollars.

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