Simply Networking Through Your Favorite Hobbies

Simply Networking Through Your Favorite Hobbies

Meeting other people in your industry is an essential way to grow as not only can you learn things from each other but at the same time great business partnerships can come out of it as well. This is why too we often spend so much money attending these networking events in hopes to meet the right people. Today something funny happened though as I was literally just playing that Pokémon Go game for fun and there was another person doing the same.

I guess you could say I was technically more knowledgeable about the mechanics of the game where as a result I was helping the person a lot. She was amazed by it and funny enough she started to tell me about how she traveled to various places when playing the game for fun. As it turned out she just happened to work in a similar industry as I did. Since we both played this game too that took out any awkwardness where people can have that “What can you do for me” attitude or else they won’t even try to learn about the other’s business.

In this case it was free too. This isn’t the first time this has happened as even when I go hiking for fun I often meet business professionals as well. Like there having similar hobbies often makes the whole meeting process more natural and productive. They say great minds think alike. So meeting your next business partner can come from simply the hobbies you enjoy as oppose to spending hundreds of dollars on a fancy networking event.

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