Simply Going Outside To Save Money
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Simply Going Outside To Save Money

This got me thinking as recently there were a lot of articles talking about how getting Vitamin D can be great for your health in various ways. Because of this, I was reading how a lot of people were trying to adjust their monthly budget to include some of those Vitamin D supplements that seem to go for almost $10 or so at the supermarket. That did get me to think, if people wanted to get more vitamin D are we forgetting that you naturally get it outside with some sunlight?

Granted not everyone has a schedule or lifestyle where they can be outdoors a lot, but like in this case maybe adjusting your routines could be an option as well. For example, if you actually paid for a gym membership to run on a treadmill maybe going outside instead can help you accomplish the same thing while helping you to get more Vitamin D since you are outside. In that instance too you could be saving money from not needing a membership or having to constantly buy these vitamins.

It sounds like such a basic and simple way to save money huh? But I guess with more people living a digital life where so many things are available to order online we tend to forget the benefits of going outside for say a walk. I still go to the supermarkets and all regardless of the fact that I could just shop online and have everything delivered. I don’t think we were meant to stay indoors all day and going outside has its benefits financially and health wise.

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