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Simply An Amateur Who Didn’t Quit

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I was reading a quote today which kind of got me thinking for everyone who has some kind of aspiration to achieve. Especially in the new years where a lot of people start to make their new year’s resolutions. The quote was “An author is an amateur who didn’t quit.” I liked that saying a lot as many times we tend to compare ourselves to people who have already made it where we all assume it’s impossible to achieve.

Realistically, even from my own experiences many times the lucky break or success simply came from just being persistent and not giving up. I suppose in many ways that is why you see so many people who turn their hobbies and passions into a successful business of sorts. Basically they just enjoy it so much that they keep doing it where eventually some kind of great opportunity falls on them.

I guess there is often the fine line between never giving up versus something that is clearly not working out as well which can be confusing. A venture capitalist of sort would probably tell you to drop something super-fast if it isn’t making money whereas another person who has gone through the trials and tribulations may tell you to keep going. But I suppose everyone is essentially the same in many ways except the level of consistency and determination is often the key difference.

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