Signing Up With Companies That Just Got Bought Out

Signing Up With Companies That Just Got Bought Out

With that news recently of Freedom Mobile being sold off as part of the Rogers and Shaw merger deal it was kind of interesting to see the company have a flash sale of sort to sign people up for a pre-paid talking plan at $99 a year. It’s a good deal I suppose, but considering the business buyout recently would you be worried to sign up as a result?

I would imagine most things will look the same for years to come as the average person won’t know the difference since companies tend to keep the same branding for awhile. But at the same time I often do read comments on how people are worried that a company being bought out means the customer could lose their money and service soon in the same vein as a business going bankrupt.

That’s not the case usually of course and it makes you wonder as a company whether or not you should issue public statements saying so to ease the fear of anyone who may think they are going out of business.

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