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Signing Up For Store Reward Cards

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Since I am switching the Mastercard credit card to a cash back option, one thing I was thinking about was ways to get air mile like points still on top of the cash back incentive. While there is no credit card in existent that I know of that would give both at the same time, one idea was to use store reward cards.

Basically, signing up for store incentive programs where you get rewards for making purchases. Keep in mind by store rewards I don’t mean signing up for the store credit card which a lot of companies would require you to signup for. Since I was shopping at the store Zellers during boxing day, the staff would constantly ask if I wanted to sign up for their store credit card to earn discounts which I politely declined.

Upon doing some research though, I was reading how you could sign up for its parent company’s “HBC Rewards Card” and that if you wish you could redeem those points for air miles as well. However, doing the math it seems like you would be best just using the points towards saving money when shopping such as redeeming it for gift cards.

In general though, it looked like a win-win situation to me as it is an additional way to save more money without changing my habits too much. So, I went to their website and signed up for the rewards card. I’m not going to get the store credit though. Let’s see if there are other stores that offer something similar that is worthwhile based o my shopping habits. I’m sure I can find ways to rack up some good savings too.

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  • Good post. I enjoyed reading your blog.

    Rhea 4/19/2009 4:34 pm

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