Showing Your Business is More Trustworthy

Showing Your Business is More Trustworthy

It’s been fascinating reading all these Twitter reports of the company releasing internal documents that clearly show people were being censored it seems through he use of shadow bans where their messages won’t have an opportunity to reach a massive audience virally. This is big news as officially this has always been denied that there was such a thing against various people.

Now to my knowledge a big reason for all these details in being released is that it was expressed how this is the only way to regain full trust for the Twitter platform. By releasing all this information to be scrutinized it should theoretically make people think that the new leadership is trying o change things foe the better. That made me think how it probably puts other companies on the defense too as naturally people will also assume that other platforms do the same thing.

So if the other companies don’t now do something similar will that mean Twitter will automatically gain a potential boost over their competition? People often compete against price and convenience as an example, but nowadays it seems like more people are worried about what companies do with their private information or if they are bias towards certain causes. Taking the extra initiative to show why people should trust your business over another may not be a bad thing to do.

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