Showing Similar Interests To Get Customers

Showing Similar Interests To Get Customers

I see this all the time but never really thought about it as a strategy until today. Essentially, I was watching a video where a person was trying to further edify himself and his work as he runs a consulting business of sort. This wasn’t a typical corporate video such as a person sitting in a plain background. It was interesting as in the background it seems like he intentionally recorded it in an environment that had products and items that his target audience could identify with. Therefore, it builds the confidence where people would think “He is just like me.”

It’s kind of interesting how simple that can be too and in many ways it makes me think of very basic techniques that even sales people often use to relate to people better. For example, bringing up topics about hobbies that their potential customer can relate to in an effort to build rapport to further gain that trust to make the sale.

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