Shopping In Factory Outlet Stores
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Shopping In Factory Outlet Stores

So today I went to an area where pretty much all the stores were factory outlets of the big companies that you would normally see at your everyday malls. Pretty much everyone had 50% off signs and bundled deals. Honestly though, price wise it seemed almost similar to what you would find at the mall during a new flyer week.

The biggest disadvantage I saw is that for this area in general it is not as friendly transportation wise where for many you have to factor in the travel expense as well. I always find it strange for example when people drive for hours to go south of the border in order to save like $10 for where they only factor in the savings of the item cost.



Basically, since the deals are like regular sales days in comparison to its regular retail stores, the deal may not be that good in general. For example, many items usually have enormous markups where even a 30% off doesn’t mean too much. Kind of like saying, buy a cable cord for $20 that usually retails for $40 at that particular store or get virtually the same thing for $5 elsewhere.

But I suppose if you are insistent with a particular brand this doesn’t seem too bad of an idea. If you shop a lot too then changing your habits to shop at a factory outlet can probably save you quite a bit of change.

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