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Shopping During Halloween Day

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As expected today virtually all the stores I went to were jam packed with parents and kids. You would think that people opt to do their trick or treating inside stores and venues now as opposed to going door to door. I was surprised to see that a lot of shops were actually trying to clear its Halloween candy inventory today as opposed to tomorrow. Business must be really cutthroat this year.

Funny enough, I decided to see if all this candy craze would create better deals on things that that may not be in demand. For example, I don’t think kids ask for vegetables usually on Halloween. Interesting enough, I did see quite a few deals such as 99 cents for 2lbs of carrots as you can see here:


Basic supply and demand maybe? I did end up buying some as that is a good price. As usual, I would expect all the Halloween candy to drop like a rock tomorrow for most stores. Happy Halloween everyone.

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