Sharing And Learning About Deals With Others
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Sharing And Learning About Deals With Others

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While I was occupied throughout the day today for the most part, I had a 20% off coupon for the supermarket on virtually everything that you buy. However, I didn’t really have anything to get and it was expiring. I ended up going to the store in the evening with a family member and simply utilized the deal on their purchases as I hate to waste deals that other could benefit from. They saved a lot of money as a result.

Usually too, what I notice is that if I take advantage of company provided deals it’s almost like they assume I just shop that much where they want to give me more deals. It’s actually great as I like to help others save money too where many times I just end up using the discount for others on purchases that they need. I think the only real downside for me is that sometimes you can just get a whack of deals that can get overwhelming to keep track of.

It’s a good way to learn product knowledge too as many times in these scenarios I learn from others on what a good deal is for categories that I am personally not too familiar with. So next time instead of just throwing away coupons and offers that you don’t feel you can personally use try and use it as a way to help others get a good deal. Slowly over time, you all may be able to educate and develop each other’s money saving resource to not have to pay full retail prices.

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