Selling Your Work Rights In Hopes For A Career Jump

Selling Your Work Rights In Hopes For A Career Jump

There was a lot of news recently of a former wrestler going by the ring name of Bray Wyatt who passed away suddenly which created shock around the world. As you would expect, there were a lot of reports about his history and accomplishments that came out afterwards and hopefully his friends and family will receive the support that they will need. One topic that came out of this was his entrance music where apparently the company approached the artist to ask if he would fundamentally be willing to give the company rights to use his music for a set amount of money. This wasn’t a well-known artist at the time and apparently that is why he considered the offer seriously even though it was no where near what an established artist would get.

The reasoning was pretty logical for him to accept it as he was expressing the thought that he can keep rights to his music and stay small or in a sense sell it and have a piece of work that will go down in history. That sounds like the best option for an artist that has yet to achieve worldwide recognition for any of their work. Overall, it sounds like he made the right decision.

There are plenty of stories too of young companies that turn down million dollar offers to buy them out as they feel the company will be worth more in the future. Those are a little different I think as you could argue they are already doing well and are on the radar. With creative work many people tend to value their creations as if everything is one million dollars market value. Art is subjective as they say, but in these scenarios I am reminded of a saying for creatives where you should trust yourself to make another big hit. Otherwise you could just be sitting on piles of work that doesn’t see the light of day while staying in a hard financial situation.

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