Selling Old Stuff Before Buying The New Ones
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Selling Old Stuff Before Buying The New Ones

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I was just reading about these new hand-held devices that were coming out and of course many people want the latest and greatest. There was one person who was saying how he just had a stack of old devices that are pretty much junk to him at this point. What this made me think was how if you try to sell your devices ahead of time before actually purchasing the new stuff you could earn a lot of your money back that way.

Take for instance a mobile phone. A lot of people upgrade them within one to three years due to the contracts that people sign. I many of these cases too people get the very fancy models. I would say if you tried to sell it before getting a new one you could at least get 25% back of what you originally paid for it as I’m sure you can find a buyer somewhere for it. Otherwise you are most likely going to simply toss it into a box as it depreciates in value. Unless you are a collector then that is a little different.

It should be pretty simple to find buyers too as we have so many tools available such as free online classified ads and auction sites.

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