Seeing Employees Hustle To Give The Customer The Best Deal

Seeing Employees Hustle To Give The Customer The Best Deal

This was a great store experience today as it seemed like the employee I was dealing with was genuinely trying to get me the best deal which goes a long way in getting repeat business. Essentially I was looking to buy an extra computer part as I know my nephew was being gifted a new desktop computer for Christmas. It sounded like it could use a bigger hard drive and so I went looking for an internal drive to get him.

The problem was I was unsure how many extra slots there were in the computer for hard drive upgrades and also read conflicting information on whether or not a nontechnical person could upgrade it easily due to every manufacturer having different build procedures. For example, some of them use proprietary parts to lock the computer case to make sure you don’t open it for warranty reasons. So what happened was the person that was helping me tried to really zoom in with the picture online to help determine how easy it would be to upgrade. It would be so much easier if they just had the hardware on the floor of course.

Afterwards I was debating on which hard drive to get based on the sale prices and the types of specs I wanted. I showed him the one I saw that was currently the best deal and while it was a good price it was one generation behind in terms of tech. Still good though. Here was the interesting thing. I asked if he knew there were better deals or not and he immediately went to the back and grabbed a bunch of hard drives that I knew were good brands too. He scanned them but ultimately the one I showed was the best deal. So I went with that.

But just seeing the employee do that was great I thought from a customer’s perspective. You would assume sales people just want to sell you the most expensive items to get more money. But in these cases it shows the person has your best interest in mind. How did that help? I had another item to buy which I could buy anywhere else for the same price but instead I just decided to get it all at this store because of that. Good service goes a long way.

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