Seeing Clearance Prices Drop So Much
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Seeing Clearance Prices Drop So Much

Oh was I disappointed to see this today as a few days ago there were a lot od Easter Candy on clearance where many items were listed at about $8 when normally they were fifteen. I debated about buying one in case it would be a good party snack or something so I did. Then, today as I walk by everything was so much cheaper where large bags of candy were on sale for under $5.

Those are the worst for anyone wanting to be a frugal shopper knowing how much money you could have saved. It’s a loss I guess you could say for not being patient in truly waiting for a deal. Funny enough usually I would too as it looked like there was so much stock which wasn’t moving. I’m sure at this price point they will move though as originally I was debating if all the ones I would have wanted to buy would be gone.

I was even debating that day if I should by another item such as frozen French fries that were on sale which would have been the better choice value wise.

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