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Saving Money By Updating Your Plans With Your Service Provider

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This was actually something that I learned awhile back that just dawned on me. Like most people I use services such as the telephone and cable for the TV. With these types of services, everyone usually does their rigorous shopping in the beginning to determine what they want and then afterwards it is simply a bill that you pay month after month. Now what people often overlook and what the service provider would normally neglect to inform you about is that as time goes by the service plan that you are currently enrolled in is based on an older pricing model or that there is a package that gives you exactly what you are using for less money.

A good example would be say your long distance phone plan. When you initially signed up, let’s saying phoning long distance was 15 cents a minute to some far away location. As time went on, the market became more competitive and prices fell. Most of the time the service provider would simply keep charging you the old rate until you specifically request them to change it. Why would they if you are willing to pay the same original rate? This actually happens to almost everyone. Another example would be service bundles. Here in Canada for example a lot of people use Shaw Cable as their cable television and their Internet. Way back there actually were no bundles as you simply paid for the services separately. Again, because of the market competition bundle prices were created and the older subscribers were simply paying the old rates without the bundle discount.

So this can be a fairly simple money saving tip for those who are trying to save every dollar possible and it should only take you a few minutes to investigate.

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