Saving Money As A Competition
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Saving Money As A Competition

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This was kind of funny as just the other day a person asked me how much I paid for a specific desk and I said about $40. She then mentioned that she was able to get it for $30 and was so happy to be able to finally beat me in terms of being able to save more money for an item. It’s all in good fun though.

While I usually have friendly competitions with people in other things as a way for us to try and bring out the best in each other, I just thought how it was kind of strange to use that same train of thought when it comes to saving money. At the same time, I guess that’s one way you can make yourself more self conscience when it comes to your money.

Maybe I’ll have a “Let’s see how much you can buy for $10” type of competition with someone in the future and see what comes out of that. Although, it better not turn out into something like a person buying a gazillion one cent gummy bears…….

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