Save Your Dollar or Invest Your Dollar
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Save Your Dollar or Invest Your Dollar

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One thing that I think is kind of interesting is what people do with a small amount of money. For some, having say one dollar is too little to do anything in their minds and so they simply throw it in a jar or something along that line. For others, they keep trying to think on how they can turn that one dollar into say a dollar and twenty five cents.

The funny thing for myself is that I think the best thing to do is to indeed try and find ways to make that money work for you. However, over the years I have just got into the habit of saving up loose change and then when it reaches to a certain amount I would simply bring it to the bank. I guess having piggy banks as a kid is the main reason for that.

Overall, with that little fund it would be more for practice I’d say to show yourself that if you can find a way to make a profit with one dollar then imagine what you can do with one hundred dollars. After that, imagine what you could do with a thousand dollars and so on. It’s a good habit to save, but at the same time it can be a bad habit to leave your money idle.

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  • Ronald 11/18/2007

    I can not find anything to invest in…

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