Same Products For Different Prices
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Same Products For Different Prices

I was looking at some usb cables today as I was trying to help someone hook up a printer to the PC. Usually different brands cost different prices which is normal. The thing I noticed that caught my attention was how even though all of the usb cords did the exact same thing, some companies labeled them in such a way to imply that you need a specific one for specific devices. For example, one being labeled as a USB cable for printers and the other as one for a media box.

Literally, they were the exact same thing and the prices were different with one being pricier. To a lot of the people buying the items too they actually bought one of each one even though they could have easily purchased the less expensive one that would work for both. One way to think about it is a store labeling one tomato for making ketchup and one for pasta sauce. For whatever reason they think more people would make sauces and so they price that one higher.

I know even I would get caught in this sometimes such as if I was looking for tools and am not too certain about what the difference is as I would automatically look for a product where the labels tell me what it can be used for. Pays to do your research ahead of time.

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