Richest Self-Made Woman In The World
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Richest Self-Made Woman In The World

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Yesterday I was watching the news and there was a segment that talked about how one entrepreneurial minded woman took an idea and created a multi billion dollar empire from scratch.

Her name is Zhang Yin and she created a recycling business called Nine Dragons Paper Industries Co. She basically bought junk from various countries and brought it to China where she recycled the waste and created items such as container boards which she then sold to companies. The reports mentioned that she is wealthier than some more well known figures such as Oprah.

I was very interested in the journey she endured to get to where she is today as I personally find reading about other people’s path to success to be very educational and inspiring. From what I read she started with about $3000 and grew up in a military family and having a lack of material possessions taught her to appreciate things in life.

I then read about one common theme that I have pretty much heard from all successful people where during her business development she went through extreme financial hardships from people who would cheat her out of her money along with other obstacles. Of course, she endured through them all.

She attributes a lot of her success by being able to look ahead and capitalizing on opportunities before her competitors. There was an interesting tidbit about her wealth building process as she tried to play it as low key as possible as she did not want to attract unwanted attention. That actually makes a lot of sense in many ways.

An important theme that I personally interpreted out of this is that saying I heard before where a big part of success is simply showing up and how results don’t come to you, but rather you need to grab it.

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  • delinda 1/7/2008

    I would like to know how she got her know how on that type of buisness or did she just guess or figure it out along the way. did she have a idea for one item or did she always have a master plan? how did she start her buisness plan?

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