Revolving Life Around Sales And Bargains
Financial Management

Revolving Life Around Sales And Bargains

I was reading about this financial strategy that some families implement to save a lot of money. Essentially, most people for things like grocery shopping determine what they want first and then try to adjust their budget accordingly. Instead, what these people do is they look at what’s on sale and then create their plans based on that.

For example, instead of saying this week you feel like eating a steak and then saving money to buy one, if you see that there is a crazy deal on angus beef you would then create a meal around that instead. They would do something similar with trips or activities too such as they see if there are any deals to take advantage of first.

I don’t do that for everything personally, but for many things I do. It started when I was kid as when I went with my parents grocery shopping they would always ask me to go choose a box of cereal that I wanted. The thing was I didn’t care too much which one I chose, well aside from the “healthy ones”, and would base my decision mainly on the price. I didn’t want my parents to spend more than they had to.

If you are not very picky and can discipline yourself to do this, it can be a great way to start piling up the savings.

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