Revisiting Stores For Potential New Clearance Items
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Revisiting Stores For Potential New Clearance Items

I have been occasionally dropping by some Bed Bath Beyond stores since they are closing down and having clearance sales with the price getting lower every few weeks. It seems like a lot of people have already bought quite a few high ticketed items even though the discount isn’t that great. So with that in mind, there are a lot of people telling others that all the good items are gone so there is no point in visiting.

That’s what got me thinking because when I visited the store there were signs at the entrance saying how new stock was coming in all the time and for people to keep an eye out for them. That is true too as from all the bankruptcy clearance sales I have seen you could all of a sudden see new items you didn’t see last week for sale. Many times they are smaller items versus the high ticket ones. In this case I would imagine it would be smaller items like a towel or even small appliances.

I know towards the end businesses often sell display racks and other store equipment as well. Usually that would be more for other businesses, but I suppose it is an example on how there are indeed new deals until the store is truly closed. It’s definitely a good time to buy coat hangars towards the end if you really need them.

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