Researching The Lowest Price History May Surprise You
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Researching The Lowest Price History May Surprise You

In keeping with the theme this week of always trying to educate yourself on what a good value for an item is there was a product I saw which kind of caught my attention. I was actually looking for some fitness gear sale and the only thing that kind of caught my attention was this skipping rope. It looked kind of fancy and as you can see it states that the item is like 41% off. An original price $59.99 down to $35.27.


As usual though, I like to research if that deal truly is that good as opposed to blindly following the Black Friday or Cyber Monday hype. As you can see here, with a simple search you can see that the lowest price for this item was just a few months ago where it was selling for $13.01.


That’s kind of crazy to think about huh? Basically, recently there was simply a regular sale price that is cheaper than a price during a sales event that is supposed to be like the biggest one of year. It’s a good visual too on how so many times the deals at these sales events are not that great where companies are reliant in getting you to make emotional purchase with the thought that it must be a bargain. Like shown here, try and find out what the lowest prices were for the items yourself as opposed to trusting the sale signs.

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