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Researching Last Year’s Sales For Reference

Canada day is coming up soon and you can expect a lot of retail stores create sales themes related to the holiday. The same can be said for US people such as the 4th of July. I was holding off on some purchases in anticipation for some sales to come as well. As well, I was looking at last year’s sales for many businesses to try and get an idea on who will generally have the best deals I am looking for.

I was surprised though that not many people do this as they simply wait for the current flyers to arrive. I find that looking at past sales like these not only aids you to know where to look for the best deals, but having that price reference can tell you if it is a good deal or not. In many cases like tech items it’s kind of expected that after a year the price should have went down. So if the sale price is the same as before or higher there is a high chance it isn’t that hot of a deal.

I find that these kinds of deals are usually items that are extremely marked up like a cable wire where sales happen often as opposed to items that have very low margin as is where you would be getting the item close to or below cost. The more you know the better you’ll be in getting the truly good deals.

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