Refusing To Take Advantage of A Potential Customer

Refusing To Take Advantage of A Potential Customer

Usually when a business charges by the hour it can be a goldmine of sort for them to get a potential client that doesn’t know exactly what to do but has a lot of money to spend. Therefore, the company wouldn’t mind taking the job since they are billing by the hour which can equal to a lot of money. That’s what got me to think today as I saw a company do the opposite where in many ways it is probably more profitable in the end to do so.

With this example there was a moving company that could have immediately accepted a job where the customer actually wasn’t if the building they were moving to would be able to reserve things like the elevator at a specific time to ensure that the moving company can do its job swiftly. So a worst case scenario would be they agree to do the job and then on the day they find out that the timeslot they needed was unavailable. Therefore, if the moving company had to sit around they would be billing the customer still.

So because of this they were hesitant to just accept the job and instead informed them that they didn’t want to just take their money and therefore encouraged them to get all the details sorted out first where in the meantime they would temporarily reserve a spot for them without charge on the anticipated move date.

Again, they could have made easy money by booking them and just bill them hourly on the day even if it ends up being mostly paid downtime. But I think this style actually generates more money where honesty like here can result in more referrals and positive public testimonies. That could mean even more business in the long run.

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