Real Estate Agents Mass Mailing Postcards For Future Business

Real Estate Agents Mass Mailing Postcards For Future Business

The other day I was talking to a person who was potentially thinking of finding a new home due to disagreements with the current fees with where they currently live. It was just a thought but what was fascinating was how they were looking at this postcard that many would consider as just junk mail that no one reads. Essentially it was a postcard from an unsolicited realtor around the area who simply sends everyone the same thing in hopes that if anyone ever wants to sell or buy a home that they would think of them first. In this case it kind of did.

To us we all probably think it is a waste of time and money as most of us just recycle stuff like this. But here, if there was a chance you could even get one sale considering the low cost of sending people stuff like this would it actually make sense? Some realtors go even further where they take pictures of people’s homes and place that on the postcard to increase the odds that they will pay attention.

But it does show mass solicitation can work for many where the risk is extremely low for potential high gain. With that thought too I suppose you can often learn a lot about different marketing techniques if you look outside of your specific industry.

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