Quickly Eating Your Income Up
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Quickly Eating Your Income Up

Some family members decided to treat me to lunch today and they wanted to try out this Japanese restaurant in the area. As usual, I tend to look at the meal deal offers. That then resulted in me seeing the daily special menu and it had this item called “Bluefin Tuna Sashimi” which was marked as $50 for 4 pieces.

The first thing that came to mind was how I simply can’t imagine eating up fifty dollars of your hard earned money in a few minutes for what was probably a very tiny portion. Regardless if I made say $500 a day that kind of feels like you are spending money more for the novelty of it. It’s no different than spending a lot of money for other items as I have always factored in the time it takes me to earn that dollar and expecting an equal or better value in exchange for it. Unless this dish was like the most delicious and filling thing in the whole wide universe. But to me it feels like the price is more due to supply.

Makes you think how many times you do this with food and beverages with more common examples such as buying drinks. The usual answer is these types of purchase aren’t everyday so why not? That’s true I suppose. At the same time, you shouldn’t really complain about things like having debt if you divulge this way too right?

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