Public Neighborhood Data For Business Marketing Purposes

Public Neighborhood Data For Business Marketing Purposes

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I was testing out this online tool called Prizm5 today located at Basically, by typing in a postal code it will give you general information about the neighborhoods such as income and lifestyle. With this information, apparently businesses can better understand how to target each community.

I tried a few postal codes that I knew just for fun and I seemed to have always got the same result of “Asian Avenues” which states the following:


With nearly two-thirds of residents foreign-born—more than any other segment—Asian Avenues is an urban lifestyle of older immigrants from China and, to a lesser degree, the Philippines, Vietnam and South Asia. Divided between Vancouver and Toronto, it’s the most Chinese of all the segments, with half of households consisting of first- and second-generation Chinese. Now middle-aged and older, half are married with children, most have moderate educations and members earn middle incomes. With more than half speaking a non-official language at home, they inhabit a bi-cultural world, travelling often to their native country in addition to destinations throughout Asia, Europe and the western U.S. They enjoy going to exhibitions and have high rates for attending health and pet shows. And these family households enjoy the full range of sports: jogging, skiing, basketball and badminton. On weekends, they can often be seen taking their children to zoos, aquariums, bowling alleys and ski resorts.

I don’t really know how accurate this is for example as even for the area I am in I see mostly young adults like myself. But either way, it’s kind of an interesting free tool if you are into marketing and data mining.

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