Productivity With No Internet Access
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Productivity With No Internet Access

Nowadays Internet access is considered an essential service for many as we use it to communicate with others wile catching up on what is happening around the world. At the same time, it can be distracting with all the entertainment options available. For example, people watching the latest viral video when they should be doing work or just reading too many news articles.

Why this got me thinking is today my area was going through some maintenance with the power where as a result the whole area had no power for most of the day. This meant every device that wasn’t powered by portable power ws unusable which included the modem for the Internet service. With that in mind, I couldn’t do anything that required Internet access on the computer which meant I literally just did work such as editing some videos.

Not surprisingly, I was pretty productive in finishing the work that I needed compared to other days as there was pretty much nothing to distract me. Whenever I thought of checking up on the news as an example I remembered that I couldn’t and so I just kept working instead. One could argue you should just be disciplined, but I suppose it’s like eating healthy. If you just don’t store junk food period, then you won’t have the option to snack on something unhealthy as an example. So, maybe it’s good to be offline at times.

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