Processed Versus Real Food Deal Shopping

Processed Versus Real Food Deal Shopping

This seems to be more common I noticed where when it comes to shopping for deals I noticed more people are actually paying attention to ingredients in the items they are buying and determining its value based largely on that versus just the prices. For example, in the past most people would see two packages of juice and make their purchase primarily on the price and how much you get. Nowadays, most people are seeing if it’s mostly pure juice or ones with added water and sugar.

Even for deals such as processed foods and meat I am kind of surprised where when there isa good deal for these items there are a few people who would think it’s still junk as it is heavily processed and therefore passed on it. Just a few years ago that stuff would sell instantly. Change in consumer habit which makes you wonder what changed huh?

Perhaps it’s people becoming more health conscious? Or maybe people are more educated about the cost to produce certain products and expect more. It is a fascinating change though which I guess it’s good if you pay more attention to what you are actually buying and eating.

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