Preparing For The Same In 2021 or Not
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Preparing For The Same In 2021 or Not

News around here is that health officials have stretched out a ban on social gatherings into the new year 2021. This means big events from traditional Christmas gatherings and New Years celebration are pretty much a no go in the traditional sense. But this made me wonder, what are the odds that in 2021 we are going to see more of the same in terms of restrictions? If you haven’t already would you start investing in resources now to anticipate working from home full time as an example? Or would you rather bet that since there is a vaccine coming that would mean things should be back to normal?

For myself I pretty much decided on all the resources I would need where pandemic lockdowns or not it should greatly aid me in being able to create better work more efficiently. That includes things like a new computer to help with the extra demand of doing video conferencing. I have still been procrastinating it for as long as possible though. But the main thought is how if you are going to invest heavily in something then lockdowns or not it should make your life a lot better overall.

This is as opposed to guessing we will have massive lockdowns again where you then subscribe to a ton of Netflix types of site to pass the time. Or stacking up on a year’s worth of toilet paper at full retail price or more. For expensive purchases just get what you actually can put to use right now as well I feel is the safest way to go. Otherwise it’s like playing the stock market where your investment could provide no real return.

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