Preparing For Lockdowns At This Time or Not
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Preparing For Lockdowns At This Time or Not

It appears that here in BC there is a new health mandate due to the fear of COVID cases rising where social gatherings with people outside of your household are essentially banned. As a result some people seem to be panic buying just like before as items such as toilet paper are being cleared off the shelves. These current measures are nowhere near than what it was before. But it makes you wonder, would you actually invest a ton of money at this point in time to potentially prepare for a long lockdown?

I personally don’t see us going back to anything extreme as they even mentioned things like a vaccine are going to be available soon. So to start investing thousands into equipment and resources to prepare being stuck at home for month at this point doesn’t seem necessary. A lot more companies have adapted their businesses models to deliver essential items as well making it less likely you will never have a way to get your essentials.

If anything, I think the main thing is just people finding something constructive to do so that they don’t go crazy. Don’t forget, you can still go outside as well. Just try and stay away from large groups of people.

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