Preparing Financial For Every Natural Disaster or Not
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Preparing Financial For Every Natural Disaster or Not

There has been a lot of news stories lately of the heatwave and how many people couldn’t get medical attention in time to the point where they passed away. That makes people worry where if we can’t even handle a small situation like this how would we ever handle a massive disaster such as the “big one” that people often talk about in regard to a devastating earthquake?

That’s when people started to think if they are truly prepared in every way for all kinds of disasters. Even ones that you wouldn’t honestly expect here such as a huge hurricane potentially swooping by with a path of destruction. Would you realistically spend money for every single potential disaster just in-case it happens?

One end I would think the preparation is the same across the board such as making sure you have food and water for a few weeks. But investing in things that are rarely likely to happen doesn’t seem wise. Imagine buying hurricane insurance here as an example where you spend an extra $100 a month to insure yourself for something that is highly unlikely. It almost feels safer in that case to keep your $1200 a year.

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