Planted Interest Techniques

Planted Interest Techniques

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Last year I decided to try this more traditional form of advertising in a directory book as I am always interested on how traditional media stacks up to the digital media forms nowadays. For the most part, the results have been pretty dismissal and if anything it generated a lot more unsolicited offers from various sources.

My subscription is expiring soon and then just recently I received a call from a person who inquired about a need and the funny thing was he couldn’t help but stop emphasizing that he heard about my services through that directory. I had my doubts if it was genuine as a result too and sure enough the person never followed through. It was also interesting too as he tried to come across as an average Joe at his house yet in the background it sounded like he was in a busy office environment.

A lot of subscription based sites do this where when your subscription is about to expire all of a sudden you get these last minutes interest and inquiries to entice you to renew. Almost like someone only working hard when they know they are on the chopping block of some sort.

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