Planning For Investments When Landing Big Contracts
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Planning For Investments When Landing Big Contracts

I the next week I was fortunate to land a rather big job and funny enough my first thought was whether or not there was anything I was holding off in terms of resources and equipment I could invest in to help make my work even better. Usually when people get say an unexpected big pay bonus they would immediately think of dining out at an expensive restaurant or purchasing an expensive new TV as an example.

But even here I am always thinking how I can make my life better and more productive to either save time or enables me to create an even better future in the long run. I think it’s always important to have that investment mindset as you are not retired yet where the attitude is more about just enjoying life. Splurging your unexpected wealth just to have say a few months of pleasure is one of those urges that you need to be able to control, I think.

It’s like an adult form of delayed gratification. As a child this usually involves resisting the urge to just splurge your allowance on candy as an example and adulthood it’s more expensive items and events. Doesn’t mean you can’t have fun of course. But of if you are still working towards establishing a residual income source or to be able to simply retire comfortably then you always need to think about investing your money to further reach that goal first I feel.

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