Planning For A Freedom Mobile Buyout or Not

Planning For A Freedom Mobile Buyout or Not

For the longest time I have been using the same cell phone carrier which was originally called Wind Mobile. They rebranded after due to a sale in which they were then called Freedom mobile. For the most part it worked for my needs where for about $45 a month I got everything that I needed. The serviced areas aren’t great compared to the bigger carriers of course but that is what I expected in signing up with a smaller company.

But now it appears they will be sold again and this time the deals revolve around one of the largest carriers in Canada which means there are odds that after everything is said and done people won’t be able to have access to these lo cost plans anymore. So it makes me wonder in this case, should I simply stick it out to see what happens as maybe they will introduce plans that have a similar fee? Or should I Iook to jump phone carriers now where I can use that as a sales leverage in the sense of a company offering deals to take another company’s customer?

I am inclined to wait and see oddly enough as I am kind of fascinated on ho they will deal with all the customers who have special yearly plans. They shouldn’t be able to just terminate it or arbitrarily increase the rate by $30 a month I would imagine anyways. So I am thinking at worst they will have to honor what people are currently on while potentially being on a faster network for that timeframe. Then afterwards you could look to switch once the deal is up. That would be my current train of thought.

As well, it makes you think if a small company could ever truly compete with the giants as like in this case it seems like the smaller companies ultimately get gobbled up where it’s back to the big guys controlling the market.

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