Perception Value of An Online Course Fee Versus In-Person Schools

Perception Value of An Online Course Fee Versus In-Person Schools

Usually every year I like to try and learn some kind of new skill as it often gives you new perspectives in life and not to mention potentially having more skillsets for your personal and business life. Learning a new language is usually a common thing to do and so just out of curiosity I looked up what was available. It wasn’t too surprising as well that many schools that normally hold evening adult programs have all gone virtual because of the pandemic. But what was surprising in many ways is how the prices remained the same as if you were attending in-person.

That then made me think where if you are going to pay so much money for a virtual class in this fashion would it be wiser just to find free resources online? For example, in terms of learning a language online you could use all those free apps that are out there or even watch videos in whatever language it is that you are learning. I know there are often stories of people learning English by watching Sitcoms as an example.

When you are paying over $400 for a two hour class for four sessions it just seems like a lot to me personally still for a virtual class setting. I can’t help to think that normally the fee goes towards things like renting space which in this case people are doing it out of their homes. That thought makes me feel like the course should cost less.

Ultimately what it made me think of is how many other people actually feel the same way to the point where maybe you have to consider making your service cost less to reflect that. There are those who maintained the exact same fee structure, but I personally have that thought where it should be cheaper in many cases with this adjustment.

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