People Stealing As Part of Their Financial Management Strategy
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People Stealing As Part of Their Financial Management Strategy

It was kind of odd to read some articles today that talked about how people were literally stealing from store in an effort to survive. The thing is, it sounded like it was normal for them to steal and shoplift as they justify it by saying the cost of living is too much otherwise and at least they are stealing from rich corporations. An example of this from what I gather are people wo go to the supermarket and end up using the self checkout aisle where they regularly don’t scan all the items and simply walk out without paying for them.

Imagine someone regularly paying for the bag of apples but intentionally not scanning some expensive packages of meat and seafood. What it actually made me think is how learning skills and knowledge on how to actually survive without spending money or stealing from others is not something we invest much in when we have the opportunity to do so. For example, doing something such as simply growing herbs or maybe vegetables at your home could possibly save you a lot of money or provide necessities during dire times.

As well, we seem to forget that there are a lot of edible items that grow in nature too. I remember one example where there was Walmart store that sold blackberries for about $3 for this tiny box and literally one block away from the store there were these bushes that were growing wild blackberries where anyone could just pick them for consumption. That’s what some people did as they just brought their own packages and picked some out for the day.

You would obviously need to invest in something like a community garden if you really want to be able to live off fruits and vegetables that you grow. But it kind of shows where if you can invest in trying to be self sustainable without the need to always pay someone else to get what you need it may be a good idea to do it when you are in a good position to do so.

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