People Fearing Over A War With Russia
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People Fearing Over A War With Russia

There was a ton of news today about countries potentially going o war with Russia where sanctions were the first actions to be implemented. That the resulted in worries such as cyber attacks potentially being conducted on various countries. Or worst, an eventual literal war where lives will unfortunately be lost.

With all these I was even reading comments from people within my own social circle essentially telling anyone who lives around the regions of Russia to get out now. Even if that means moving your whole family to another place. That definitely isn’t as straight forward such as how other countries wouldn’t just let anyone move into theirs unless they specifically implemented a procedure of sort to allow it.

Not everyone has a luxury of having dual citizenship or property across the world to have the ability to move as they please. For most though, I think even here at minimum it could mean an increase in the cost of living. It’s of those things where you just have to deal with it as it happens.

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