People And Networking After You Are Established

People And Networking After You Are Established

Usually when you start out it’s not surprising that there wouldn’t be many people who would support you as it’s just natural where if people don’t feel they can get anything out of you then they won’t bother to invest anytime in you. In that sense it can often be a lonely road as you need to find a way to get things done by yourself. But often when you do meet people who want to help or believe in you they can be the genuine ones that will be your key contacts per se.

So that then made me think as recently I saw a scenario of a person getting contacted by so many people from his past where it seems like they all now want to meetup and chat. It would seem not surprisingly they now all want something from the person while using the fact that they know each other in some way as leverage to make it happen. Can’t really blame him as a result for simply ignoring everyone that didn’t give him the time of day when he first started out.

With more people wanting his attention now it’s probably even harder to sort out who his real supporters are. Just from all the stories I read this is probably an important thing to keep in mind as I often read people who lose all their wealth due to associating with too many people who are more concerned of using one’s wealth for their own gain. So maybe it’s a blessing in disguise during your early years where people who are motivated to help you while knowing that you can’t really give the anything back can be a good thing.

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