Paying The Premium To Be More Compact or Not
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Paying The Premium To Be More Compact or Not

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I was recently just reading some tech related news and how there were quite a few mini PC’s that have been coming out that have quite a bit of power compared to a large desktop computer. For example, Intel NUC units seem to be a popular choice among people who want to go with something that takes up less real estate. From what I see price wise though you can still get a better computer building a traditional sized one. For the sake of having more compact stuff though would you pay the premium for it?

Kind of reminds me of a TV. Let’s pretend you can buy two TV’s that have very similar quality and functions. The main difference is one is a tradition LED sized TV and the other seems like it’s paper thin. Would you actually pay say 40% more to have that paper thin one for the sake of saving so much space? It’s different for me in these two examples for whatever reason. For the computer in this case I would be more tempted to get the compact item whereas for the TV I would probably always lean towards just getting the normal sized one and save the money.

Makes me wonder why in this case. The only thing I can really think is that for the TV a lot of the space for things like these usually have it designed in mind for the larger items already. When it comes to the computer I guess I am reminded constantly how having more room around your desk area and being less cluttered would always be good.

I guess for me it’s interesting to think about from a business point of view where in certain categories spending so much time to make things smaller when people don’t really care wouldn’t be a good investment. Bit for other things it can definitely me a good selling point over more traditional products.

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