Paying For Other People’s Dream Project

Paying For Other People’s Dream Project

This got me thinking as someone was asking me if a job opportunity he read was a good one where it appeared to have someone recruiting others to create a show of sort. The catch? Apparently, they want people to help invest into it with the promise that the people who put in more money will get better positions once the project starts up. In a sense, this isn’t really a job versus an investment. Except in this case the organizer pretty much retains all rights and profits to the work afterwards. Doesn’t sound like a very good deal huh?

This is more common among the artistic fields I fiend where people are so desperate for an opportunity that they are willing to pay money for that opportunity. With that, a lot of people are taken advantage of. In my personal opinion, if you are asked to invest money then you should also have ownership of the project in general as well. It’s no different than those work for free until they are profitable to pay you advertisements where if you are taking the risks like a business owner than you may as well own it a well.

Just starting something yourself may not be as difficult as you think too. I remember one example where a guy was saying that he made some nice side money writing articles for about five dollars an article for a site. That must be cost efficient for the business. With how much he as writing even I told him he should consider compiling his work and publishing himself such as selling an eBook. Imagine the opportunities there financially if he builds up his brand too.

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