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Passing On Knowledge Or Allowing It To Go With You

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A conversation came up today in regards to a person I trained with as another fellow inquired about creating documentation of all his knowledge about a topic now. The reason being was a conversation came up about life expectancy and the person was saying he expects to live about another 10 years or so. There were some other things too that also sounds like it came out of a movie where he had knowledge of like an ointment of sorts that can heal bruising pretty fast. It definitely works as I saw it with my own eyes on another person.

He was pretty relaxed though about not rushing to document all this stuff. The other person of course kept bringing up “what if” of course where for all we know something could happen tomorrow and all that knowledge will be gone. I thought it was funny a little as the person did mention he wanted to know how to make like that ointment and stuff to sell it. Makes me think, when it comes to say your business secrets do you actually document stuff for someone else to follow down the road or do you choose to simply let it go with you?

I usually like to document everything. In terms of sharing information I personally feel if I ever felt a need to I usually just share things. But personally speaking if I find people are super motivated for monetary reasons I usually just keep it to myself. The thought of sharing knowledge to help others only to have the person charge others for it seems a bit off to me. But it’s good to have records of your work I feel. You eventually have to pass on your knowledge if you wish for it to stay there forever of course.

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