The Option To Save Money When You Do Have Time
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The Option To Save Money When You Do Have Time

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Today I took the public transit and ever since the billing system went mainly digital it can be cheaper to travel everywhere by bus as opposed to using the rapid transit system. I think this is just due to the card system implementation being kind of bad where maybe too many people weren’t swiping their cards right and so they just said forget it and made it a flat fee for all zones when it comes to the buses. The Rapid transit remained the same though.

So I was thinking today I could have just traveled to my destination with all buses and that would have saved me about three dollars. It would mean an extra hour of travel or so. In my case though I wasn’t really in that much of a rush to my next meeting for the day. Come to think of it, even for a person like me I didn’t opt to use that strategy to save money.

You could say that maybe I was thinking of it where one hour of my time does not equal to three dollars and so it doesn’t make sense. But again I wasn’t really in any rush and had time to spare with the way my schedule was organized. The only thing I could really narrow it down to was that I wanted to make like some fresh juice as I usually find that energizes me for the day as I had a martial arts class for the night. So I thought the investment of nourishing myself without rush was better than saving three dollars.

Overall it does bring up a point that many times there are so many ways to save money when we have a lot of time to spare except we opt not to do it. It’s worst I feel where like here if you didn’t have anything to do and just got home early to just randomly channel surf then maybe it’s better to save like that three dollars here and there. Not so much of just for the three dollars alone but rather to develop the habit and awareness of all the things you can do to have more money at the end of the day.

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