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One Dollar For Your Personal Information

I found this kind of peculiar recently. I saw what appeared to be an interesting free material to learn different ways of affiliate marketing online. There was an interesting twist to this as the person offered $1 for free through Paypal for simply doing the first step of his course which was to share a link on Facebook.

I did do that and the program refused to go to the next step as it had trouble verifying the link. For the most part I just left it after. Honestly, I thought this was just a scam/ploy to get free social media advertising. I then received an automated message from the site encouraging me to continue with the program where I simply replied that it refuses to go to the next step. That’s when I got what seemed to be a template response which stated the following:


Because we pay out in realtime, real money, this unfortunately makes us very attractive to people seeing to fraud us. We have to take very cautious measures to combay this.

Publicly displaying reasons your account was flagged would be counter productive in that people with criminal intent would have more knowledge on how to fraud the system.

We have our own in house solution to detect fraud but also involve several 3rd parties with years of expertise in this area.

With that said there is always going to be some false positives. If you would like to appeal this please provide us with as much of the following information as possible and where applicable attatch images:

1) A scanned image of your valid government issued ID that matches the
name on your account.

2) Your present employer and a number they can be reached at to verify
your identity.

Please reply with these items and your name, account email and we will
reply shortly.

Thank you,


My immediate reaction was that not even online affiliate companies/programs I have participated with have ever requested this much information. You’d think I was applying for a credit card or credit score check of some sort. Unfortunately, the skeptic in me just kicked in again where there was a possibility that this is to build a personal profile for advertisements. That might not be the case, but because there is a possibility of this I decided to just ignore it. Your personal information can be big business. Too bad as I always like to learn more about how others create an income stream online.

Comments to One Dollar For Your Personal Information

  • shoemoney is legit

    Greg 10/14/2015 4:13 am
  • Greg,

    Can you explain the peculiar request for sensitive information in this case when as I mentioned not even large affiliate programs request for information to contact other people in your social circle?

    Alan Yu 10/14/2015 10:49 pm
  • I need to know if this company is legit? And how much money can be made?

    Monika Wilbanks 3/31/2016 2:42 pm

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