One Day Consumption Value
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One Day Consumption Value

Today I heard a person saying how he could get tickets to an event where for $250 dollars you could drink as much alcohol as you want. This made a lot of people enthusiastic where they started to say how they would get “hammered” for sure and all where it was such a good deal financially. I was just thinking, how much can one honestly drink before they pass out in one day?

I guess if that is your kind of thing of having fun then that is different story. But is it really that exciting value wise? Example, if you paid $200 for an all you can eat lobster buffet how much could you really eat in a sitting? Financially speaking, to me it’s like you are just spending more per item unless you truly can consume so much within a certain time-frame.

I think in most cases like these the value is more about what you think you are getting as oppose to actual numbers I’d say. Another way I like to think about it too is that businesses are in it to make money. So that should usually make you think about the value on services like these if you think they are a true bargain. Like in many of these cases, even they know or have strategies to make sure that most people won’t ever consume the dollar amount worth of products compared to what you paid for.

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